For more than 43 years, customers have trusted us for our innovative product developing capabilities combined with our flexible business model for cost management, process-integration, product development analysis, material sourcing excellence, and insight to global markets trends.

Choices are many, so why choose us as an OEM service provider???

For your best knowledge, Sports Land Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is far more than just a sports goods manufacturer. Customers choose us for the end to end value we provide and high level of service. Our approach gives you more than industry wide leadership, it provides you a true business partner you can depend on, which is why many of the largest brands choose us and grow their business with us.

We understand the struggle facing sports industries & can help apply the best of the best solutions to succeed. Sports Land understands the value in getting products to market fit without sacrificing profit margins & quality. We incorporate best process & systems along with robust service solution for OEM manufacturing, new-product project management & new product development with an unparalleled level of global support. All of which, is integrated into single platform for maximum transparency & minimum inefficiencies. State of art technology and infrastructure helps us achieve this for our prestigious buyers.