To compete with global competitors, meet customer satisfaction and global quality standard it is required to maintain good manufacturing process & social code of conduct certification. To maintain the standard of the working condition, ensuring safety of workforce, managing natural resources and optimizing organization performance Social Compliance, we keep in mind below points to consider as part of our work culture:


We prohibit child labor in our production facilities & meets requirements from concern authority like, employment of young workers who are younger than 18 but older than 15 years old, employment of young workers only work outside of school hours if they’re subject to compulsory education laws, employment of young workers for not work more than eight hours per day & not working during night hours & children and young workers are not subject to unsafe working conditions.


Forced labor is an important aspect of social compliance that has been banned through some specific legislature outside of voluntary standards. As per standard laid by concern authorities the staff have the right to leave the workplace at the end of each workday and the right to terminate their employment with reasonable notice. Our company follows above standards & ruled strictly in our work facility.


As a social compliance unit we dedicate good time to plan checking health and safety requirements of our employees. We Minimize or eliminate the causes of all safety hazards in the workplace environment, wherever reasonable & Assess health risks for new, expectant and nursing mothers, while providing effective health and safety training to staff. Staff is also provided with Provide effective health and safety training to staff.


As per standards laid by concern authority, we protects workers from discrimination based on race, origin, caste, gender, religion, political affiliation and many other attributes following anti-discrimination policy that is followed in the recruitment, employment and termination of employees. Workers are granted rights to exercise certain practices related to their identity, such as the right to prayer with protection from abusive, threatening, exploitative or sexually coercive behavior in the workplace.


We treat our staff with “dignity and respect”. This is a requirement of the day & prohibits inhumane treatment, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of employees. The result of violations related to above discrimination or disciplinary practices is often that workers are unhappy with their job and seek employment elsewhere.


We run our facilities on 6-day working routine with one day of rest, with voluntary hours for overtime with exceptions for national laws that allow for more work time and agreements reached by collective bargaining.


We provide living wage to all the workers employed with us that covers their basic needs. There is no space for unfair compensation with us and we always ensures that we stay fair and pay wages to our workers on time while work parallel with the guidelines & rules laid by concern authority here.